2015 At a glance
January 16, 2016

boys n girls,
2015 was a very busy year for me. As some of you might know I run this label beside my full-time job. Looking back I really often had the feeling that 24 hours are not enough for a day. Working for my job to survive and working for the label in the free time to fulfill myself & support the music I love brought me to the peak of what I can realize. So I am very very tired now.

Joining the FJØRT tour in winter, helping to organize shows in Hamburg via our lovely concert group MegaFauna Shows and giving several bands a place to stay and last but not least 15 releases (incl. 2 re-releases and 3 EPs) by Through Love Rec:

  • Ära Krâ – s/t 12″ LP
  • Ephemera – s/t 7″ EP
  • FJØRT – Demontage 12″ LP (2 re-releases)
  • Heart On My Sleeve – In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness 12″ LP
  • Hellwinners – 7″ EP
  • I Love Your Lifestyle – I Was A Looser In School 7″ EP
  • Mahlstrom / Every Stranger Looks Like You – Split 12″ LP
  • Nionde Plågan – Frustration 12″ LP
  • Svalbarduk – One Day All This Will End 12″ LP (re-press)
  • Tomorrow, St. Peter – s/t 12″ LP
  • Via Fondo – Efter, Utan Under 12″ LP
  • We Had A Deal – Counting Leaves 12″ LP
  • We Never Learned To Live – s/t 12″ LP (re-press)
  • We Never Learned To Live – Silently I Them Skywards 12″ LP / Digi
  • Younger Us – Graustark 12″ LP

The end of the year is near so I want to thank all of the bands who gave their music and confidence in my hands, all labels who cooperated (and fighting the same struggle), all zines who wrote about us and the bands, all people who spent their time in supporting me and the label – especially my family & friends.

Take care of yourself, your family, your friends and keep your heart open minded and have an eye for the ones who need our help.