Nostalgia is a two-way road that always begins and ends in the present. That being said, the importance of Éramos felices y no lo sabíamos by Comic Sans from San Sebastian not only lies in what we hear but also in what it reminds us of. Because it is true that there was a time when we were young and we were happier. And we did incredible things because we dared. And it is surprising to find yourself in 2022 with these 8 current emo-indie rock songs that sound like the best of an era that refuses to fade away; the time when the music industry thought that bands like The Promise Ring would become the new mainstream.
These four twentysomething Basques make us believe again. Are we clear where everything comes from? Follow me: first it was Aina; then Nueva Vulcano; then Cala Vento and Yawners. Andnow Comic Sans, that have incorporated their devotion to North American bands like Marietta, Mom Jeans, Modern Baseball or the Midwest Pen Pals. Like when the Olympic torch changes hands on that eternal journey from Athens to wherever the Games are held that year. Like a relay race.

Everything sounds familiar in Éramos felices y no lo sabíamos: BCore being BCore. Betting on a band that keeps their spirit alive. The BCore label that placed Aina in the world, the ones that made The Unfinished Sympathy something spectacular, the ones that brought At The Drive-In, Dischord Records, Karate. And, of course, the recording at Ultramarinos Costa Brava with Santi García. Because he never fails. In the future –which is the only place where justice exists–, they will speak of him with the same reverence that they speak of Steve Albini or Don Zientara.

Tradition and modernity; the best of both worlds. That’s what is all about. Éramos felices y no lo sabíamos is what Comic Sans is about: to keep waving the flag of small, important, intense, different things. And that adolescent urgency in all the lyrics, so innocent and at the same time so sharp. Comic Sans just need luck on their side because they have everything to become a generational group, just like Nueva Vulcano, just like Carolina Durante, just like Hinds, just like The Get Up Kids. That’s good news we have here!

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