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New year, new releases!

2019 is over – Happy 2020! 2019 was pretty intense – private and label wise. We got the chance to release records of our very favourite bands and this simply means the world to us! Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2019. In 2019 started to work on some of the upcoming releases. As […]

Pre-Order: Twins, Regarde and Giver

The year is coming to it’s final chapter. Again we can tell that it was the busiest year in our history. But before we’ll end this we have 3 new pre-orders running for you. Regarde – The Blue And You TWINS – soon Giver – Sculpture Of Violence

Out Now: Newmoon – Nothing Hurts Forever

Oasis. This is the group that Newmoon would like to tour with. And that’s no surprise once you’ve heard ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’, the new album by this Antwerp and Ghent-based alternative rock band. The shoegaze of their outstanding debut ‘Space’ has been swapped for a more melodious approach. Less grit, more light. Still wanting to […]

The last 8 Months…

…were filled with a lot of input but no news on this page. Let’s make it short: – at first we had a virus which damaged the whole page temporarily. – we moved on with our first TLR Tour – Westkust in Germany – we released records by Agent Blå, Rerelease by Neànder, Drei Affen […]

We Never Learned To Live back with 2nd Album

Through Love Records is deeply connected to We Never Learned To Live since 2013 with the release of their first st 12″ EP. The connection and the friendship grew like each others professionalism and reputation. The release of the second album “The Sleepwalk Transmissions” marks another highlight of the Brighton/Hamburg connection. Watch the video for […]

Makthaverskan striking back

For their latest release Ill, Gothenburg’s Makthaverskan push the boundaries of the punk inspired dream pop they’ve masterfully executed for years. MAKTHAVERSKAN are back with a brand new 2 track EP. While they have always offered a staggering and complex contrast in their songs, the band’s ability to join beauty and vitriol into an unforgettable […]

Recent Releases

Recent Releases

Recent Releases


Please get in touch with us via E-Mail:

Please get in touch with us via E-Mail: