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Post Black Metal from Berlin: NIDARE

As of 2019, several members all coming from different Berlin based post metal, screamo and hardcore outlets (such as Ancst, Henry Fonda, Ast, Chambers, Afterlife Kids, rýr, Youth Cult) decided to form a band to combine all these different experiences and emotions to channel them within the post black metal project called “Nidare” (derived from […]

Concrete Americana: ATEM

“Concrete Americana” is an album that you have not heard before. And although Jan would be the last person to attach himself to a hype; as a music journalist you have to realize that this music seems to be in high demand among many people right now. Just think of the successes of Khruangbin, who […]

Emo from southwest Germany – cheers “Cages”!

CAGES plays skreamy emotive DIY-hardcore with heavy early 2000s-influences. The five piece from Ludwigsburg, Germany was formed by Serkan (guitar, ex-We Had A Deal), Felix (bass, Rêche/Schönleben), Micha (vocals, ex-We Had A Deal/Schönleben), David (drums, ex-Ziffer) and Uli (guitar, ex-We Had A Deal) a few months before COVID-19 hit the stage. The group was able […]

Blackgazers Nessel signing to TLR

Gestalt is Nessel’s debut album. The Stuttgart-based band started working on the seven songs exactly two years prior. Nessel’s members already knew each other from previous projects such as Archivist, Knife Eyes and Mahlstrom. Gestalt is their first joint effort, somewhere between shoegaze, black metal, indie and post-hardcore. The album starts with a flight forward, […]


Shibuya has always wanted to reflect a mix of feelings based on screamo/post-hardcore influences. And on their second album, Apolo shows that even with the disappointments there is this emphasis to fight for the best of each one, and perhaps, to find your place once again. Apolo moves between light and darkness and how we […]


With the release of their fourth full-length album Melt, fans of Whimsical will find everything that they hope for in this new record which pushes their sound more than ever before, while also staying true to everything fans have come to expect from Whimsical. The nine tracks fall solidly in the Shoegaze and Dream Pop […]

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