Neànder odèm / yola des goz

  • 01. odèm
  • 02. yola des goz
“odèm and yola des goz are both uptempo numbers and show our punk and hardcore influences, but still sound like typical neànder songs. You could almost call it skate doom. All the energy that has built up over time can be heard here”

The new songs were produced and mixed at Hidden Planet Studio in collaboration with producer Jan Oberg (Earth Ship, Grin). Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna) is responsible for the mastering. “odèm / yola des goz” will be released as a limited 7-inch (200 copies) in four different colours via Through Love Records.

In cooperation with the underground label Wir Sind Die Toten the cover was designed by Cologne-based artist Skullcult:
Pressing Information:
  • 50 x black 7″ EP
  • 50 x clear 7″ EP
  • 50 x magenta 7″ EP
  • 50 x neon green 7″ EP
  • Releasedate: 14.06.2023
  • Labelcode: #TLR082
  • Formats: EP / DIGITAL