Leipzig based WAYSTE joining TLR for their debut…

Skü Skürrrr,

Over 2 years ago we set up a show for WAYSTE here in Hamburg with our diy concert collective. That show was really outstanding compared to 90% of the other shows we organized – the power of WAYSTE totally blew me away.

In the same year WAYSTE released their somophore EP “No Innocence” and played countless live shows. WAYSTE from Leipzig are back with their first Full Length “The Flesh And Blood”.

As Wayste are popular for their intense and powerful live shows the band decided to record the debut live at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg. You can feel the angriness, the pain of loss as well as the frustration and backwarded melancholy in every second of the record.

The aggressive and groovy parts that are well known for bands like Converge or Every Time I Die combined with clean guitars and vocals in the vein of THRICE summarizing roughly the sound of WAYSTE on “The Flesh And The Blood”.

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