Whimsical Melt


  • 01. Rewind
  • 02. Gravity
  • 03. Take All of Me
  • 04. Melting Hearts
  • 05. Crash and Burn
  • 06. Just A Dream
  • 07. Searching
  • 08. Quicksand
  • 09. Feather
With the release of their fourth full-length album Melt, fans of Whimsical will find everything that they hope for in this new record which pushes their sound more than ever before, while also staying true to everything fans have come to expect from Whimsical.

The nine tracks fall solidly in the Shoegaze and Dream Pop genre with the incandescent guitar tones of Neil Burkdoll, which lay the perfect foundation for the lyrics and melodies of Krissy Vanderwoude, whose angelic, lilting voice evokes the ethereal feel that this genre is best known for.

Melt is the follow up to the band’s third album, Bright Smiles & Broken Hearts, which was released in November 2019. In the interim, between the third and fourth albums, the pair released a series of songs that they have long wanted to cover, which include “Sweet Valentine” by Motorhome, “Snail” by The Smashing Pumpkins, and “Cerulean” by The Ocean Blue, which gives you a clue to some of their influences. All of these are available on the band’s Bandcamp.

Pressing Information:
  • 150 x Black Ice and Violet Splatter Vinyl
  • 250 x Clear with Pink and Black Splatter Vinyl
  • 100 x Black Vinyl
  • 500 x Digi CD
  • Releasedate: 01.04.2022
  • Labelcode: #TLR075
  • Formats: LP / CD / DIGITAL