Wild Cat Strike Rhubarb Nostalgia


  • 01. Self-Help Tapes
  • 02. Lemonade
  • 03. Sickle Cell
  • 04. Satellite Towns
  • 05. I Feel Good
  • 06. Thirsty Ocean
  • 07. Everyone Feels The Same
  • 08. Good Looking
  • 09. Rhubarb Nostalgia
  • 10. Another Round
Brighton four-piece Wild Cat Strike unveil the first taste of their upcoming debut album with “I Feel Good”, a shot of laconic lyrical wit and melancholy delivered through an unshakably catchy indie rock song with a country swing and the sing-along-ability of a beer-fuelled sea shanty.

As their sound has developed over recent years, a new breed of Wild Cat Strike songs has emerged. While keeping elements of their intense, post-rock roots – with swells of distorted guitar, dynamic switches and raw and flowing melodies – they have homed in on an energetic and fresh songwriting style. The lyrics of frontman Danny Byrom bring candid ruminations on life, death and memory; his nuanced, charismatic vocal delivery, and guitar playing, are joined by the formidable combination of Max Boughen (guitar), Chris Whitehorn (bass) and Joe Caple (drums).

Pressing Information:
  • 300x black 12″ vinyl
  • 100x red 12″ vinyl [Through Love Records exclusive]
  • 100x white 12″ vinyl [Small Pond Records (UK) exclusive]
  • 800x CD DIGI Pak
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  • Releasedate: 05.10.2018
  • Labelcode: #TLR048
  • Formats: LP / DIGI / DIGITAL