Mondaze Late Bloom


  • 01. Concrete
  • 02. Endless
  • 03. Words Undone
  • 04. Honest Feelings
  • 05. Interlude
  • 06. Stay
  • 07. How soon is soon?
  • 08. Swirl Back
  • 09. Lost
  • 10. Incense Smell
„Late Bloom“ the debut recording of Faenza (Italy) based 4 piece Mondaze is gloomy, heavy and loud. Call it heavy dream-pop or Shoegaze with heavy post-punk narratives. Formed in 2016 Mondaze previously released a home recorded demo at the end of 2018. In 2020 the band finished the recordings of „Late Bloom“ with Enrico Baraldi. The influences coming from the different musical backgrounds of each member, raging from hardcore, punk, screamo to metal. The vocals and lyrics of Matteo Vandelli are captivating, dark and beautiful at the same time captured by pounding drums, distorted guitar walls and Margherita Mercatali’s bitter sweet razor sharp reverbed melodies. „Late Bloom“ hits you like a weight with its lush atmospheres and variability in simplicity. To be out in the mid of December 2021 on various formats through Church Road Records (UK), Quiet Panic (US), Tafuzzy (ITA), Coypu Records (ITA) and Through Love Records (ROW).
Pressing Information:
  • 62 x Orange/White Cornetto with blue and red splatters
  • 88 x Clear/Orange with blue and red splatters
  • 250 x Orange with blue and black splatters
  • 150 x Eco Vinyl
  • 500 x Digi CD
  • Releasedate: 10.12.2021
  • Labelcode: #TLR071
  • Formats: LP / CD / DIGITAL