Welcome neànder to TLR

“This is the missing link between Explosions in the Sky and Bongripper“ says a friend about Berlin based instrumental 5-piece neànder. Where do you draw the line between Post-Metal, Doom, [...]

neànder neànder

#TLR052 / 22.02.2019 LP / DIGI CD / DIGITAL

Makthaverskan Demands/Onkel

#TLR051 / 25.01.2019 EP / DIGITAL

Through Love Records Sampler

#TLR050 / 03.12.2018 DIGITAL

Mahlstrom Tour

Mahlstrom playing some shows until the end of the year. Don’t miss them out here: 07.11. Karlsruhe – P8 mit Ennolicious https://www.facebook.com/events/2271315916488278/ 09.11. [...]

Label news

Hey y’all! 2018 is slowly coming to an end. Release wise 2018 ended for TLR with our latest release from Wild Cat Strike. Recently we are preparing 2019 – we have a few releases [...]