Out Now: Newmoon – Nothing Hurts Forever

Oasis. This is the group that Newmoon would like to tour with. And that’s no surprise once you’ve heard ‘Nothing Hurts Forever’, the new album by this Antwerp and Ghent-based alternative [...]

The last 8 Months…

…were filled with a lot of input but no news on this page. Let’s make it short: – at first we had a virus which damaged the whole page temporarily. – we moved on with our [...]

Neànder mãlven

#TLR063 / 25.10.2019 LP / DIGITAL


#TLR062 / 18.10.2019 DIGITAL

WILD CAT STRIKE The Blood Orange Sessions

#TLR061 / 28.08.2019 DIGITAL

EARTH MOVES Human Intricacy

#TLR060 / 15.11.2019 LP / DIGI CD / DIGITAL

NEWMOON Nothing Hurts Forever

#TLR059 / 11.10.2019 LP / DIGI CD / DIGITAL

KÁLA Synthesis

#TLR058 / 19.07.2019 LP / DIGITAL

AGENT BLÅ Morning Thoughts

#TLR057 / 10.05.2019 LP / DIGI CD / DIGITAL

DREI AFFEN Seguimos Ciegxs

#TLR056 / 23.06.2019 LP / DIGITAL


#TLR055 / 05.07.2019 LP / DIGITAL

We Never Learned To Live back with 2nd Album

Through Love Records is deeply connected to We Never Learned To Live since 2013 with the release of their first st 12″ EP. The connection and the friendship grew like each others [...]

We Never Learned To Live The Sleepwalk Transmissions

#TLR054 / 10.05.2019 LP / DIGI CD / DIGITAL

Makthaverskan striking back

For their latest release Ill, Gothenburg’s Makthaverskan push the boundaries of the punk inspired dream pop they’ve masterfully executed for years. MAKTHAVERSKAN are back with a brand new 2 track [...]

Stronger than ever – WESTKUST are back

Westkust released their debut album LAST FOREVER in the spring of 2015, including the smash hit Swirl. Everybody loved it, from Pitchfork, NPR, Stereogum, The Line of Best Fit, etc, including [...]

Westkust Westkust

#TLR053 / 01.03.2019 LP / DIGITAL

Welcome neànder to TLR

“This is the missing link between Explosions in the Sky and Bongripper“ says a friend about Berlin based instrumental 5-piece neànder. Where do you draw the line between Post-Metal, Doom, [...]

neànder neànder

#TLR052 / 22.02.2019 LP / DIGI CD / DIGITAL

Makthaverskan Demands/Onkel

#TLR051 / 25.01.2019 EP / DIGITAL

Through Love Records Sampler

#TLR050 / 03.12.2018 DIGITAL

Mahlstrom Tour

Mahlstrom playing some shows until the end of the year. Don’t miss them out here: 07.11. Karlsruhe – P8 mit Ennolicious https://www.facebook.com/events/2271315916488278/ 09.11. [...]

Label news

Hey y’all! 2018 is slowly coming to an end. Release wise 2018 ended for TLR with our latest release from Wild Cat Strike. Recently we are preparing 2019 – we have a few releases [...]

Rådjuret Rådjuret

#TLR049 / 07.09.2018 LP / DIGITAL

We’re distributing upcoming Portrayal Of Guilt album…

Portrayal of Guilt have carved themselves out as a unique force in the realms of post-hardcore and screamo; their Self-Titled 7” and ‘Chamber of Misery (Pt. I)’ 5” releases are exemplary [...]

Rådjuret from Malmö just refreshing

Rådjuret (translated „Deer“) is Veronika Nilsson, from Stockholm, Sweden. On September 7th her self-titled debut album will be released. Rådjuret plays some kind of melancholic lo-fi with classic [...]

WILD CAT STRIKE unleashes new video/track

Wild Cat Strike showing their 2nd video of “Rhubarb Nostalgia” called “Satellite Towns”. Get the singles here (for download and stream): iTunes Amazon Google Spotify [...]

Wayste releasing new video for “Mourn”

Watch the crushing video and song to “Mourn” by Wayste presented by VISIONS Magazine: VISIONS ARTICLE WITH VIDEO Pre Order limited vinyl/cd

Young Mountain releasing debut through TLR

Skü Skürrrr, Swedish Young Mountain are back with their long awaited debut “Lost Tree”.The 5 piece from Gothenburg creating something that was hard to show to people due to its [...]

Leipzig based WAYSTE joining TLR for their debut…

Skü Skürrrr, Over 2 years ago we set up a show for WAYSTE here in Hamburg with our diy concert collective. That show was really outstanding compared to 90% of the other shows we organized – [...]

Welcome British “Wild Cat Strike” to TLR

Skü Skürrrr, we want to welcome British Indie band Wild Cat Strike to Through Love Records. We’re in touch for over 2 years now and they finally managed to finish their debut called [...]

Wild Cat Strike Rhubarb Nostalgia

#TLR048 / 05.10.2018 LP / DIGI / DIGITAL

Agent Blå Medium Rare

#TLR047 / 04.06.2018 MLP

Agent Blå “Medium Rare” & Privacy Policy

boys n girls, we were pretty quiet because of several reasons – we sent out the big bunch of Svalbard and Øjne pre-orders, we had a lot of work regarding the new European Data policy law [...]

Young Mountain Lost Tree

#TLR046 / 14.09.2018 LP / DIGITAL

Wayste The Flesh And Blood

#TLR045 / 07.09.2018 LP / DIGI / DIGITAL

Mahlstrom – MÆANDER out now!

“MÆANDER ist kunstvoll gebauter Hardcore, der es schafft, bei voller Fahrt und in großer Rage dennoch die Fassung zu wahren.“ – INTRO „Mahlstrom stellen Fragen, die trotz [...]

Mahlstrom “Blue Marble Blues” Video Release

Hass und Misstrauen bahnen sich in diesen Tagen ihren Weg durch alle Medien. “Blue Marble Blues” beschreibt aus einer subjektiven Position die Möglichkeit und Unmöglichkeit einer [...]

“Am Lachen vorbei” 2nd single from Mahlstrom out now!

boys n girls, our website has a new design and a big update – endless thanks to Lucas Mayer for this! Last week VISIONS MAGAZINE premiered “Am Lachen vorbei” of German [...]

Mahlstrom MÆANDER

#TLR044 / 06.04.2018 LP / CD / Digital

Svalbard – It’s Hard To Have Hope

We’re totally psyched to have an exclusive edition of the upcoming 2nd Svalbard LP called “It’s Hard To Have Hope”. Along with the pre-order they released a brand new [...]

Mahlstrom MÆANDER Tour 2018

Pre-Order limited blue vinyl Stream/Pre-Order digital/JPC MAHLSTROM MÆANDER TOUR 2018 11.04. Stuttgart/ Juha West 12.04. Würzburg/ Cairo 13.04. Linz/ KAPU 14.04. Wien/ Venster 99 15.04. Jena/ [...]

Eldstad hamnstad, hemstad

#TLR039 / 25.08.2017 LP / Digital

Nionde Plågan/TWTS Split

#TLR038 / 28.03.2017 MLP / Digital

Agent Blå Agent Blå

#TLR037 / 09.06.2017 LP

Trachimbrod Leda

#TLR036 / 03.04.2017 LP

Slow Bloomer N U D I T Y

#TLR035 / 10.03.2017 LP / Digital

Cavalcades One Down For Youth's ...

#TLR034 / 02.12.2016 LP / Digital

Westkust Last Forever

#TLR033 / 28.04.2017 LP ReRelease

Earth Moves The Truth In Our Bodies

#TLR032 / 04.11.2016 LP

Svalbard Discography 2012-2014

#TLR031 / 28.10.2016 DLP / Digital

Faux Inhale

#TLR030 / 05.08.2016 LP / Digital

Det är därför vi bygger städer/Coma Regalia Split

#TLR029 / 11.09.2016 EP / Digital

The Caulfield Cult C U L T

#TLR028 / 31.05.2016 LP / Digital

Careless / Sans Visage / Det är därför vi bygger städer 3-way-split

#TLR026 / 17.06.2016 LP / Digital

Svalbard One Day All This Will End

#TLR024 / 25.09.2015 LP / Digital

Younger Us Graustark

#TLR023 / 18.09.2015 LP / Digital

Lirr Ritual

#TLR022 / 01.04.2016 LP / Digital

Heart On My Sleeve In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness

#TLR021 / 11.11.2015 LP / Digital